Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Long Story of the Short Blog Entry


This week has been a crazy week. Tuesday was a busy day, I went with another Elder on exchanges because my companion, Elder Davis, is the District Leader so I have the opportunity to get to know a lot of the other Elders in my District.  It is fun getting to know other Elders and help them in the Areas they are in and how they work.  It was a really cool day. 

Wednesday was District Meeting as well as some appointments.  We had a really good lesson about how the commandments are best for us even when it doesn't seem right. 

Thursday was an interesting day.  I was on exchange again and this was the first time that I had been tracking in my own Area by myself.  An Elder who had not been in Kidderminster before was my companion for the day and we got along very well.  I sort of know my way around the Area but we still got lost once or twice.   It was all fun though because we got to talk to  a lot of people.  Friday and Saturday where pretty normal days. 

I guess the one thing that really stuck out to me this week is how much trust the Lord has in us Missionaries.  He puts people in our path and it's our choice to talk to them or to just let them pass by.

Some things that my Mission has taught me already is that the Lord has a plan for us. We cannot mess up that plan no matter how hard we try.  But when we are faithful and listen and try to talk to everyone success might not come at first but it will come.  The other is that I have found on my Mission is that the Holy Ghost brings stuff to my remembrance whether it be good or bad.  But I thought I would tell you of an experience that was brought up recently. When I was in High School I played golf it was a very challenging year for me.  I remember playing at the Sun Valley course in Idaho and everything was going well. Then I let my anger and frustration get the best of me. I was playing a hole I don't remember which one it was when I hit my ball and couldn't find it.  I was so frustrated that I decided against my better judgment to cheat and just drop a ball.  I remember at the time I felt like that was okay and then I justified it the rest of the day.  Soon after I completely forgot about it and then this week the Spirit brought that experience up.  I guess the whole point of this is that if you don't repent the way we are asked to it's hard to be forgiven.  But the interesting thing is just how the Spirit brings things to your remembrance.  We shouldn't be disappointed in our mistakes, that is why we are here on earth to learn from our mistakes as we try and make them right.

So the long story about the short entry was that a girl in her 20's started to flirt with me and all that kind of stuff.  Feeling a little uncomfortable I made like Joseph and got out of the Internet Cafe.  But before I left, I did leave her a Mormon.org card though!  But I'm running out of time, the Gospel is true and I believe it with all my heart.


Elder Nielsen

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