Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cheers from Jolly Old England

Hey everyone!

I'm slowly adjusting to missionary life out in the field and to the time change. The area I am in is a good area and the Branch here is really nice.  The area is Kidderminster, but the locals say Kiddminstr or Kiddy.  It is a mixed feel of old England and a mix of new modern England.  There are some very Gothic Churches. The Catholic Church is your typical looking building but the Church of England the architecture is very castle like.  The Branch I am in is really very nice.  There are about 30 active members and I think that if Elder Davis and I can get half of the less actives back  in the fold they might become a Ward.  We have Family Home Evening (FHE) with all the older single members and widows.  The Missionaries are the presiding authority during FHE which is pretty humbling.  FHE consists of dinner and then a spiritual thought.  It is pretty funny because all the widows act like Mary, Maria and Pat friends of my Grandpa Florin.  They all have a funny sense of humor and are hilarious when you get them together.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013, was a busy day. We went to another area to check out a baptism record and from there to try to get back in touch with the recent less actives from these baptism records that we found in that area that we have lost contact with.

Wednesday we left to go to Zone Meeting and had to leave pretty early to get there.  Zone Meeting was great and after that I went on exchange with one of the Zone Leaders.  His area is in Harborn which is one of the biggest Wards in the area.  So I was with him for the rest of the day and for part of the day on Thursday.  Even tough it was a busy day, I learned a lot from him.  Thursday afternoon I met up with Elder Davis and we went back to our own area to finish off the day.

Friday was a fun day. We have weekly planning on Friday that takes up a lot of the day.  But Elder Davis was sick most of the day so I had time to read and to study.  But later that night he was feeling better and we went to a baptism in Stourbridge.  It was a really cool experience and the Sister who got baptized is going to be a strong member.  But when we got to the Church, the Elders who where over the baptism asked if I could play the piano for the service.  So I started to practice and just my luck the hymns that had been chosen were some of the hardest to play out of the hymn book.  But the Spirit prevailed and I played well.  During the baptism, the Spirit was really strong and it was a great testament to me that people here in England are looking for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I just have to find them. 

Saturday was filled with a lot of service.  In the morning we helped a less active family move and then in the afternoon we helped a member clean up their yard of a house that they had just bought.

Sunday was Church and then back to the flat (our apartment) to eat then out visiting the less actives and talking to people on the street.  Hopefully things will pick up a little bit in this area and the ball gets rolling.

I know that the Lord has elect people here that are ready to hear the message of the Gospel.  I just need to have enough faith to continue to look for them and to not get discouraged because of all the people that don't want  to hear our message of the Gospel.  I have learned that they are not rejecting me as a person, they are just rejecting what I stand for and am trying to preach.

I hope all is well!


Elder Nielsen

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