Monday, June 10, 2013

Greetings from England


As I'm sure many of you have heard, I got my Visa and made it to England!  I flew out Thursday (June 6, 2013) morning at 11:20 am to Detroit, MI and then had to run what felt like a mile to get to my international flight. Then I flew to Amsterdam and that was a very long flight.  Then I had to run another mile and go through security again to get to my last flight which dropped me off in Birmingham, England.  My flight was interesting to say the least. When President Rasmussen took the picture that was posted last, I had been up for a little over 24 hours without sleep.  On the plane to Amsterdam I didn't sleep because it was very uncomfortable.  The plane was a 2-4-2 seating arrangement so I was in the middle of the section of four seats.  The guy next to me was watching a movie and the other one was drunk most of the flight.  So after that picture I slept in the car ha ha to my area.

I am in Kidderminster, England.  It is very green and has an old English feel where we live.  My companion is really cool we are getting along great.  But the time change is killing me.  I forced myself to stay up the rest of the day which was Saturday and work.  But I turned in at nine p.m. local time and then did the same Sunday night.  I'm slowly adjusting to the time change but it's hard.

I was met by the office Elders at the airport and then we drove to the Mission Home where I met with President and Sister Rasmussen.  Much of what has happened is a blur and I'm not sure what went on Friday and Saturday morning.  But after I met everyone they took me to my Area.  The Area I'm in is called Kidderminster, England and it is a really nice town.  The Area is huge but not very populated. But after I made it to the area I went straight to work to keep me awake.  My companion Elder Davis took me to some of the members houses and to the Branch President.  The Branch has about thirty members that come on a weekly basis.  But they have lots of less active members.  So the main goal here is to reactivate as much as we can and hopefully find an investigator in the meantime. But the Branch loves the Missionaries but not enough to get referrals. We are trying to gain their trust so that we can start to get referrals.  But the Branch is very nice and they love to feed the Missionaries.  I think once I get fully adjusted to the time change it will be a fun time here.

Until next week.  Keep on striving to be and do your best in the Lord's work.


Elder Nielsen

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