Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Progressing In the Lord's Work

Hello Friends and Family,

Well everyone I decided to type my blog entry first just so that I can try and make it more readable and not so rushed, I guess.  This week was transfers and I'm staying in Kidderminster for maybe one or two more transfers.  Because I came in late to Birmingham due to Visa problems, I'm not sure if I will stay with the group that came in at the same time I did or not.  I'm not sure anything really out of the ordinary happened this week but we will see.

To tell you a little more about the encounter with the English girl that I had last week.  My mom asked if she was cute or not.  The answer is yes, mom, the girl was pretty cute and she started to talk about marriage with me as soon as I sat down.  She asked if the Mormons get to choose their mate or they are chosen for them like an arranged marriage.  But then her follow up question was would you marry me! I was not sure if she was messing with me or not, so that's when I started to wrap up real quick and get out.  If anything happens with the card I left with her it'll be a miracle.  But anything can happen and I have learned that over my short two months out as a Missionary, anything can and will happen. 

To tell you more about the apartment/flat that we live in.  The apartment is pretty small I'll try to send pictures next week but I left my camera cord at the Mission Training Center.  So I'm trying to find a card reader.  The food here isn't anything to interesting. It is mostly really bland and the food that we typically would eat in America just tastes off now.  The UK has very strict food laws and don't use a lot of artificial flavors. So like the Pepsi and Coke just taste off but there not too bad.  I don't have an accent that I am aware of.  The sad thing is that most Missionaries come home with a neutral accent. Birmingham doesn't have an accent like a typical London person.  So for example, Elder Davis speaks normal English and sounds normal and he has been out for 15 months.  So ya no accent.

Elder Kulow from Price, Utah is my Zone Leader.  It is really cool since Elder Davis my companion is the District Leader I get to go on exchanges with the Zone Leaders.  So Elder Kulow and I went on exchanges for a day and got to catch up.

In the UK it is pretty much unheard of to have a three week baptism or anything like that. The Sister that recently got baptized that I played the piano for a couple of weeks ago had been investigating the Church for over a year.  So it's pretty common over here to have someone investigate for at least six months and longer before making that step.

I have heard that the weather in the States has been horrible. The hottest its gotten here in Kidderminster has been maybe 80 but with the humidity it is just muggy the whole time.  One of the days this week it was really bad, and I made a joke to Elder Davis after we had lunch about how my back still wasn't dry from all the walking around with my backpack.  I thought it was pretty funny but I'm not sure about him.  Maybe it was too much information. HA

Monday was just a normal preparation day with shopping and emailing and tracking. 

Tuesday was a busy day with trying to make plans for the rest of the day and to try and rebuild this Area. There have not been a set of Missionaries in this area for about three weeks because of the delay of Visas for Missionaries to the UK.  So a lot of the people that were beening taught dropped us or are not interested.  But that's life and we are trying hard to get the work moving in this area.

Wednesday was transfer day but since we were not transferred it was a pretty normal day for us because we both stayed in the area. 

I had an interesting experience though.  Last Sunday, I was asked to give a talk in Church about my favorite parable.  I had been trying to think of which one I should talk on.  So I took that matter to the Lord and asked him.  I started to run through the list of the parables that I was thinking about and then the Holy Ghost said to do the parable of the seeds and sower.  It is the one where seeds fall on stony ground good ground and so on. It was just a really cool experience to have that thought come so clearly when I least expected it.  This week has been a busy one and full of little miracles.

Saturday we traveled to the different small towns in our Area.  In the morning we went to Droitwitch Spa to visit some less actives and a member.  It's about a fifteen minute train ride there. Then when we got back we walked to Bewdly.  Which is a little old town that seems more like a tourist attraction.  But a very picturesque town.  It is about a four mile walk from our flat to the edge of the town. And then about another two mile walk to the other edge of the town. So all together we walked about ten miles just to have no one home.  It was a good walk though and it gave Elder Davis and I time to talk with those whose paths we crossed and to visit and reflect on the Lord's blessings.  I find that my testimony is strengthened every day as I devote myself to the work of the Lord in progressing his Kingdom.


Elder Nielsen

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