Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Working with the less active

Greetings Family and Friends,

Once again the weather over here has been unpredictable for the last week.  It has started of really nice and sunny and then about 7 at night it just rains all night.  I guess that's England for you though. This week has been a kind off long week. We had lots of appointments but most of them fell through so we had to come up with other plans.  The one thing we are really struggling with is finding new people to teach.  We have been working with the less actives and have gotten two back to Church so that's always good.  We have been working with an investigator named Graham.  He is marrying a member from our Ward and wants to know what the LDS faith believe.  As we started to teach him we asked him to do everything that we would ask anyone else interested in the Church.  To read and pray about the Book of Mormon.  The first couple of lessons went pretty good then this past week we had a miracle.  As we finished the lesson we ask him to pray.  He said he would, which was the first sign of a miracle was about to take place.  As he prayed, he asked Father in Heaven in the most sincere way to let him know if this is the true Church.  And that if the Book of Mormon is the Word of God.  It took both Elder Davis and I by surprise.  We had not really asked him to pray about those things, but he did.  After the prayer the Spirit was really strong and we hope he felt it.  We both have a good feeling that in a couple of weeks we might have a Baptism here!

The other good thing that happened this week is that the Starbridge Ward, which is the District right above Kidderminster, had a BBQ that was really will attended.  They invited our Branch to come and so we went around Kidderminster inviting all the people we are working with.  There ended up being about 200 people at the BBQ and about 80 of them where less active families or investigators, and maybe 20 of them where less actives, members or investigators from Kidderminster. Woot, woot!  It was so cool to have that many people together.  It felt like a proper Ward activity that would happen in the States. There was a bouncy castle to which was a massive hit with the kids, teenagers, and the Missionaries.  I must say, that I did not jump for fear of splitting my pants, so I just sat back and watched and laughed while the other Missionaries split their pants.

Sunday was a great day.  We had a couple of the less active members show up to Church.  Some we have been working with but others just came.  It was so cool to be sitting in Priesthood and have a man that we have visited once a week since I have been here in England finally show up to Church and stay for a good portion of the meetings.  Sunday a Sister in the Branched talked about why we have certain Hymns in the Latter-Day Saint versus on Hymns.  As she was speaking, it made me think that these hymns are for worshiping and singing praises and should be doctrinally correct.  It was a really good talk.

A funny thing happened to me this week that also happened to me before my Mission while on the campus of BYU-I.  We where walking into town and we passed a group of girls. They where kind of attractive but we walked past them and one of them gave me a look that I hate.  The look is the I fill sorry for you but I'm trying not to laugh.  Since I have gotten that look before I knew exactly what to do.  As soon as the group passed I zipped up my zipper that was wide open.  I thought after the time at college I would never have it happen again, but it did.  I guess that I need a sign on the bathroom mirror that says "check you zipper".   HA it is all good.

That is some of the stuff that has happened this week.  I know that the Lord blesses his Missionaries.  I know that the Lord has prepared people for us to teach we just need to find them.  And that the Gospel is the only way for true happiness in this life to come.  I love this Gospel and the chance I have to be a Missionary for the Lord to help build and strengthen His kingdom.

Love Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen and Elder Kulow

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