Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Faith in Christ

Hello Family & Friends,

Transfers are Wednesday of this week, I should now sometime in the next day if I stay in Kidderminster or move on to a new exciting place in Birmingham, England.  I kind of do hope I do get transferred, but I really only have been here in Kidderminster for two transfers.  So I have no idea, the Lord knows where I am needed so I will go where he directs President to send me.

This week has been a killer week.  First things first.  Elder Davis and I had a couple people that we where teaching, and the very last guy of the night was a very hard lesson.  He started by saying that he would like to discuss some points of the Gospel with us.  That is when the red flags started to go up in my mind, but you know me, I didn't listen to them.  So for the next hour and a half we sat and he talked at us.  He was using all the anti-Mormon stuff he could.  There were many times that Elder Davis and I could have defended the Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ but this guy would shut us down and then go back into his rantings and ravings.  One of the Elders in the District calls those encounters Testimony builders.  I don't think that I could of agreed with him at that particular time, but the day after and I had time to think about the situation it was a testimony builder.  To me the anti-Mormon stuff just proves how true the Church is by how many people attack it and so on.

The day after that we had Zone Conference.  We traveled for a couple of hours in to the Mission Home and had a wonderful conference.  The theme was Faith in Christ.  President talked about the five doors and the five keys that we need to pass through to get to Christ.  The keys are: 1. pray,  2. learning from the scriptures (President called it the Celestial IV), 3. Charity, 4. Humility, repentance, and renewal, and 5. Holiness to the Lord.  The fourth key is not really a key, it is a door that we have to break down.  We need to fight the natural man to get through this door, and the reward is you get through door five at the same time as four.  Holiness to the Lord is keeping the covenants that we have made through baptism and temple ordinances.

The whole Conference we where taught that if we are struggling we need to put our trust and faith more fully in Christ.  This week has been a week of ups and downs.  But worth it all.  I know that this Church is true.  And after the events of this past week, I can say it with more conviction than I think I ever have been able to.  This work is the Lords work and can not be done without Him.

Love Elder Nielsen

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