Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week of suprises and the unexpected


I am writing this a little late because it was bank holiday on Monday and almost everything that the Missionaries use on Monday (computers and internet) were closed.  But this week has been a good week.  Full of surprises and the unexpected.

Monday after we sent word home that we would not be emailing due to the bank holiday, we went on an adventure.  We found a ten pin bowling lane in our area.  So we took a member to go bowling with us.  It turns out that the place we where going was completely out of our Zone, so we had to jump through all the hoops to get permission to leave the Zone.  It was worth it though and we had a great time.  One thing I think that is different between bowling in the States versus here in England is that here it seems to be easier.  In the States I am terrible at bowling but here I was on fire.

Tuesday we had a busy day running around in our area of Kidderminster.  We had a couple of appointments that were spread throughout the day the problem was filling the time in between these appointments.  We had one in the morning, afternoon, and evening.  And to make matters worse I realized that they all where across town from each other.  So Elder Larson and I did a lot of walking and running to be where we needed to be on time.  But we had lots of fun running to and fro.

Wednesday we had meetings in Harborn at the Stake Center and then I went on exchange with one of the Elders from Redditch.  When we go to the meetings in Harborn we have to pack a lunch or get one.  And silly Elder Nielsen thought that we could get off the bus one stop later and we would be close to a Subway.  But to my surprise the bus turned and went the opposite direction than I thought it would go.  We had quite a hike from the bus stop to Subway and then to the Chapel.  But it was all worth it.

Thursday was mostly just a travel day for more meetings.  We went to Redditch and to get to Redditch we take a train up to Birmingham and then down to Redditch which takes about two hours.  If we had a car, we could be in Redditch in about twenty minutes because it is just the next town over.  So travel for us took five hours by the time we got back to the flat.  After that a member invited us over for some Curry.   My dad served his Mission in Singapore so he makes curry for us a lot.  So the members asked which curry we wanted and Elder Larson and I both wanted the hottest curry they could get.  The member got a curry called Vindaloo.  It was not very hot to me but to the members, they couldn't stand it at all it was way too hot.  They where very disappointed by our reaction to the curry.  They where thinking that we wouldn't finish it because it was too spicy but it was a very nice curry.  It wasn't so nice the next morning though. Ha Ha

Friday was just a normal Friday.  We had our big planning session for the next week and then visited two people and that was about it.  Saturday was about the same.

But the surprise came on Sunday.  We went the Chapel at 9:30 to greet people and to our amazement someone was having a family gathering that week.  By the end of Church we had 60 people there and forty of them where visitors!  It was so nice to have all the chairs full and the Chapel full of faithful saints.  After our meetings, we had dinner with an inactive member who is trying to get back into Church.  I have never laughed so hard in my life.  He is such a funny guy and was telling jokes all night.

On Monday which was bank holiday and P-Day we went out with some members on a walk through the woods.  When we got out of the woods there was a car show and car boot event going on.  For those who know me, Elder Nielsen, know that I am really into older, unique, expensive cars.  So I was in heaven looking at all the cars.  So we went to the car show for a couple of hours and then had a nice walk along the River Severn.  The one thing that I kept thinking during the walk was how lucky I am to be in England.  Some days it's not so fun but it's the fun times that I will remember the best.  I kept thinking as we walked how beautiful God's creations are.  It was nice to have the time to reflect in a place where the usual noises where not there.  I have come to love the Gospel and the message that it teaches.  It is an easy one to understand and blesses me so much.

Until next week!

Elder Nielsen

Elder Larson, Elder Nielsen hiking Severn River, England doing what former scouts do climbing on log piles.

Elder Nielsen, Elder Larson skipping rocks Severn river in England

Elder Larson, Elder Nielsen looking regal into the sky

One of the many cars at the car show in England

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