Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Dodged the Transfer

Hello Everyone,

This week has been a crazy week.  But first things first, I didn't get transferred but my companion Elder Davis, did.  My new companion is Elder Larsen and we are getting along great.

We had dodge Monday this week.  That is when the call for transfers comes in.  I have no idea why it's called dodge Monday but it is.  It is one of the longest days of the transfer.  Everyone is looking forward to the call from the President and it seems like it takes forever.  But for now, I don't have to deal with that for another six weeks.

Tuesday, Elder Davis and I had a couple of lessons then the rest of the night we spent visiting members and friends so Elder Davis could say goodbye and packing.

Wednesday was a long day.  Elder Davis and I had to travel into the Mission Office and spent most of the day there trying to get everything sorted with my new companion, Elder Larsen, and then getting back to Kidderminster.  So the Branch Mission Leader took us to breakfast in the morning before we traveled to the Mission Office. We went to this pub in the middle of no where and had an all you can eat breakfast buffet.   I had black pudding, which is the name for blood sausage here in England, for the first time.  It was funny because I think Elder Davis was expecting a bigger reaction from me after tasting black pudding but didn't get one.  The black pudding was alright but nothing I would ever order again.

I don't really remember Thursday or Friday since I was busy with Elder Larsen showing him around town.  But I bet they where good.  HA HA.

Saturday was more travel for meetings because Elder Larsen is the District Leader for our area now.  So lots of travel and trying to salvage what was left of the day.

Sunday was really fun.  We where in Sacrament Meeting and the Branch President had forgotten the bread for the sacrament.  So we went on with our meeting as outline and then partook of the sacrament last.  Never had that happen before but a really cool experience.  After Church we went to the members house who we are helping move to have dinner.  They made a really nice dinner then afterwards we sat and talked for a while.  They have a big fish pond with an electric fence around it, and one thing led to another and both Elder Larsen and I ended up touching the electric fence.  It was set up specifically so sheep and cows did not eat the fish or something like that.  I am sure that the members never thought that two young missionaries would be the ones that touched the electric fence. But it was a really funny experience to watch the reactions of the members we were visiting.

The longer I am out on my mission, the more my testimony is strengthened in the Gospel.  The Gospel answers all the questions that people ask us and makes us happy.

Have a great week.

Love Elder Nielsen

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