Monday, June 30, 2014

Tansfer Calls/Hold to the Rod

Hey Family and Friends,

This week things have been winding down, again. Transfers are coming up this week.  We will be getting the dodge call tonight (Monday, July 1, 2014).  I am ready to leave the Area but not the Cannock Ward. The Ward here has been really good to me.  I have many good memories made here in Cannock.  But change is all part of the work.  We have been dropped by most of the people we have been teaching this week.  So we are starting again.  It is fun though.

We had Stake Conference this week and Elder Donaldson spoke to us.  He talked about the four groups that are making there way to the tree of life.  How two groups cling to the rod one didn't even try and one held fast to it.  But Elder Donaldson explained the difference of the two. When you cling you hold tightly to the rod.  You can hang on with one or two hands, but you are still holding the rod but are you really? You can hold on with one hand and half a foot in both camps. When you hold fast you hold the rod like it is the last chocolate bar on earth and it is yours.  NO ONES IS GOING TO GET IT FROM YOU.  It is the whole work out your salvation with fear and trembling.  The other thing about clinging is that you don't move, you stay put. You are happy with the work or level you are putting in.  This new lesson has changed the way I have been looking at life. There are definitely some days that I just cling to the rod and there are other days that I am holding fast and progressing forward.  But other than that it has been pretty cold over here. There have been three days this week I could see my breath and had to wear a jacket and gloves.  It is crazy!  Almost July and still wearing jackets.

Hold to the Rod with all your might!

Love Elder Nielsen

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