Thursday, June 5, 2014

Service and Waffles

Hey Family,

I had a pretty funny experience this week. We had a member who was running to Costco.  He asked if I wanted anything.  I told him that if he could get me some Krustez pancake mix that would be great. I have been longing for some pancakes or waffles.  A member overheard our conversation and gave Elder Okamuro and I what was left of theirs because they don't use it.  I went back to our flat all excited to make some waffles.  I found a waffle iron in the flat and cleaned it up and got it ready.  I made the batter and started to cook them. It smelled so good. I was really excited to start to eat them. My mouth was watering and I could just imagine how good they were going to taste.  But to my surprise, the first waffle of the batch stuck to the waffle iron because it wasn't greased enough, and the other half was burnt.  So on to round two.  The next waffle came off  of the waffle iron and I put butter on it.  As the butter was melting, I realized that I was out of jam.  So I decided to put peanut butter on it.  With knife and fork in had, I sat down and looked at the waffle and my mouth started to water even more.  The anticipation was killing me!  I started to eat it and it was............ Disappointing.  As I was chewing, I remembered that I don't really like waffles.  The only waffles that are the best are made by my Grandpa Jerry.  His are perfect with a little bit of crunch on the outside and soft in the middle.  Maybe it is the love and care for us grand kids that makes them so good.

But on that note it has been a pretty good week.  Last Monday we helped a member with his garden. That is why I didn't have much time.  It was fun though.  I got to work along side one of my best friends in the Ward.  And this week has been lots of service.  There is a member who is moving and asked for help moving the big stuff.  It was like playing the Traffic Jam game where you have to get the red car out of the parking lot.  We had to get there American fridge/freezer out the front door.  We had to open both doors on the fridge and angle one in.  Then straighten the fridge out and angle the other in.  What a fun time.  Good thing I have moved enough people on my Mission to be pretty good at getting big things out small doors.

As I have mentioned before, it is a never ending cycle of picking up the pieces and finding those that are ready to hear the good news of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  Every time in my Mission that I start a new transfer all the people we had been teaching just drop.  So we just have to find new people and try and salvage the ones who are still semi interested.  We have been doing lots of finding this week. But that is what a Mission is all about.  I have been reading The Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. It has been a very eye opening thing to read.  But we talked about it in Priesthood.  It is pretty cool to learn about it though.  It has given me that little extra push to be a better person.  And to try my best.

Have a great week and remember that the Lord loves each of us!

Love Elder Nielsen

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