Monday, May 26, 2014

Six more weeks in Cannock

Dear Family,

Not much time today so I apologize in advance for the short blog.

This week has been a fun week. We have had some really hot weather during the week.  I was looking forward to having a good weekend. But then it rained all weekend.  It didn't just sprinkle it dumped.  We where soaked so many times.  On Saturday we where talking to people in town and I saw some clouds and looked at my companion and told him we need to go it is going to thunder and lighting.  He really didn't believe me.  So I let him lead the way.  We where about fifteen minutes from the flat and the heavens opened.  We had rivers running down the street. It looked like we had just jumped into the pool with all our stuff on.

The big news is that I am staying six more weeks in Cannock. The Ward is pretty happy but I am a little torn.  It is time to move on to a new Area.  I guess we will see what happens.  But other than that it is just been a hectic week with the weather.  Since it is so hot and rainy, people just don't want to sit and visit.  So on hopefully we will have some great teaching this next week.  The Lord knows when and where our next investigator will be, I just need to be patient and open to the promptings that are given to me.

Trust in the Lord!

Love, Elder Nielsen

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