Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hurray for Israel

Hey Family,

This week has been one of the best/worse most stressful most rewarding week of my Mission that is for sure.  It was a really good week because we had Ingrid and most of her children get baptized!  I had the opportunity to baptize one of her twin boys and my companion Elder Omokora baptized the other one. We then had another Missionary that is serving in Cannock baptize one of the daughters and a recent convert that I have worked with baptized the other two family members.  It was a really good thing.  Our Ward Mission Leader was saying the names while we where getting in the font.  He said we will now witness the baptism of so and so.  And as soon as I said the prayer and dunked the youngest twin the Spirit just hit everyone.  There were very few dry eyes during the baptism.  It says in the First Presidency message in Preach My Gospel "that more joy and happiness awaits you then you have ever experienced".  I have experienced that joy! There are very few things that can even come close to the joy that was felt that day.  On Sunday Ingrid and her children were confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.  It was pretty short considering five confirmations were taking place.  I had the opportunity to confirm the other twin boy that my companion baptized.

The reason it was the best/worse week was the baptism made it the best. The reason it was worse was that nothing went right. We couldn't teach Ingrid and her family at all this week.  Hence why we where stressing out.  Satan works hard with people investigating the Church and the Missionaries work hard against Satan.  So we were calling her every day sometimes twice a day to make sure they were still doing the things they needed to be ready to be baptized.  It has been the highlight of my mission so far.  It has strengthened my testimony of the Gospel.

Have a great week!

Love Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen and Tieman

Elder Nielsen and Tieman

Elder Omokora

Ingrid, a ward member and Ingrid's daughter

The whole family and Elders.

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