Monday, August 18, 2014

Follow the Prophet

Hello everyone!

The good news is that I am not sore anymore.  Elder Paton and I did a two and a half hour work out last Monday and we couldn't move for the rest of the week.  It was bad.  I have never been that sore.  Elder Paton and I couldn't walk for most of the week. Tuesday it was alright then Wednesday to Friday it got worse.  It got to the point we couldn't get out of bed.  It was so worth it though. We looked like we where drunk because our legs couldn't hold us up.  It is over though thank goodness until we work out again.  Hopefully I will not be as sore the next time.

We had the opportunity to serve a member who needed help moving this week. They had most of their stuff out of their house but they needed us to get the stuff out of the attic.  It took us about six hours to clear the attic.  I was up in the attic and Elder Paton was at the bottom of the ladder.  One of the bad things that happened is that I ripped my pants on the ladder.  It was to the point of no repair (sorry Mom).  We all got a good chuckle out of it though.  The members have one of the best food storage I have ever seen..... in England.  They had one ton of wheat vacuum packed and ready to be ground.  By the way the wheat was in the attic.  I would clear all the boxes I thought where wheat then I would find ten more boxes.  They also had an impressive collection of music records.  They had the big twelve inch ones and the 8 track and every kind.  The records where easier then the wheat.  So thousands of pounds of wheat and thousands of records later we were done.  With every box of wheat we pulled out the wife just looked at us and said, "I AM FOLLOWING THE PROPHET."  I thought about her statement and I thought what great advice is that.  When the times get rough if we follow the Prophet we will be fine.  It is a pattern in the scriptures.  Every time the people followed the Prophet they were blessed and things just worked out.  We don't see the immediate results of it but it comes. When the next natural disaster happens the people who followed the counsel will be okay.

A tender mercy that happened this week has been just the things that have been happening in our Ward and Area.  Things are starting to slowly look up.  The Ward is starting to help us out and we are getting to know people in the Ward.  It feels to good to finally be acknowledged and helped by the Ward members.

Have a great week and continue to Follow the Prophet!

Love Elder Nielsen

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