Monday, August 25, 2014

Finding those that are already found.

Hey all,

Lets talk about the weather.  Over here in England, it has been overcast for the whole week.  And it has been cold and raining.  I have been able to see my breath a couple of times this week. That is not supposed to happen in August and I am not ready for the cold!  I am not the biggest fan of the rain.  It has just been a constant drizzle this week. 

We have been mostly working with the less active members in the Area this week. With August being the holiday period of the year no one is around, everyone is on "Holiday".  Even the members, we had 40 people on Sunday out of the 80 or so that normally come.  We are working with a couple of them and the good news is that they are coming to Church more often and staying for more of it.  We really don't eat at members houses here.  We are lucky if we get in with one or two members a week.   This area is really posh and people don't want to talk about religion at all. 

I have found that sometimes the Lord tell us to stop finding souls and to get the ones who are already found back into the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes though working with less actives is harder than finding new investigators.  The members who are less active have a reason most of the time and they know exactly what the Missionaries are doing coming around their place.  We have been taking the "Ammon" approach to working with our less active families.  And that is we have been just doing service for them.  It has gotten annoying and trying a couple of times but hopefully it will start to work out.  This week should be a good one though. 

Hope everyone has a good week.  Sorry for the short email.  Because it is a Bank Holiday,  the computer is going to kick me off in thirty seconds.

Until next week!

Love Elder Nielsen

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