Saturday, April 26, 2014

Miracles of Hard Work


This week has been a good one. We had to email on Tuesday because of a Bank holiday.  Every public building is closed on the Bank holidays and since we email at the Library, we were out of luck.  Monday was a regular prep day after transfers.  We spent most of the day getting Elder Thurgood ready to leave and with the Bank holiday and many businesses being closed, not much went on.

On Tuesday Elder Thurgood and I went and taught Graham and Maxine.  We had a pretty good lesson, nothing earth shaking.

Wednesday I dropped Elder Thurgood off at the Mission home and picked up my new companion. His name is Elder Omokaro.  He is from Ireland but born in Nigeria.  He has not been out on his Mission long, I think about four and a half months.  But we hit it off pretty quick which is good.  We are having a great time together.  I can diffidently tell how the work goes better when companions get along.  Elder Omokaro hasn't even been in Cannock a whole week and we already have six new investigators and things are just moving way fast.

So on Thursday we had meetings and Friday we helped a member most of the day clean out her house and box things up.  We also taught Graham and Maxine and had a pretty good lesson.  Graham asked me to sit back and let Elder Omokaro answer the questions that Graham had.  So I sat back and listened to the stream of questions that Graham asked Elder Omokaro.  After he had asked all his questions, he said that he just wanted to see what Elder Omokaro's answers would be.  See if we were on the same page so to speak.  It was a good lesson.

Saturday we had a Ward Easter BBQ.  It was really good and fun.  We had about an hour bike ride to get to the Area.  The BBQ took place in what is known as the Chase.  It is a massive forest area that is protected.  So a very nice bike ride through it.  Lots of members showed up and a couple of our investigators.  The one really cool thing that happened is that a former investigator showed up.  We started to talk to her and she said she was coming to Church tomorrow because of it being Easter Sunday and all.  I thought ya right you have said that before and not shown up.  But lo and behold she showed up!  I nearly ate my tie!  She brought four of her six kids with her and then she dropped the bomb and told us that she wanted to be taught again and baptized! So we set up a lesson with her for Monday night.   Monday rolled around and I was sure that we would show up to her home and no one would be there.  But to my surprise, she was home and we started to talk to her and she said that her kids wanted to be baptized too.  She had not talked them into it, they had just felt the Spirit at Church and want to be baptized.  We ended the evening having a really good lesson with them.

Many miracles are happening quickly.  The Lord is hastening his work and field is ripe to harvest.  I am looking forward to the week ahead and the many miracles and trials that I need to experience.   I have enjoyed this Easter season for the opportunity to remember the Resurrection of Christ.  The free gift that is given to all.  And the chance He gave me to enter in by the gate to Eternal Life.   This is all Because of Him!

Love, Elder Nielsen

This is a picture of the forest on our way to the Easter BBQ.

Another picture of the forest by the BBQ.

Not the most flattering picture of Elder Nielsen, but I was manning the grill and didn't want my white shirt to get dirty so this is the apron that the Ward Mission Leader Bro. Wilcox presented me with.  I am not sure that the apron helped much but the kids and Ward members sure got a kick out of it.
This picture is of the yard of a member that I helped out by mowing the lawn for them.  A bit smaller than what I am used to back home, but it was good to get out and smell the fresh cut grass and just think about the wonders of our World created by our Savior.

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