Friday, April 11, 2014


  My western meal. Tacos with a Root Beer. We had dinner with a member that just returned from the States what a treat.

Hey Family,

This week has been a pretty disappointing week to say the least. We had lots of lessons set up but by the time we looked back at the week we only had two out of the seven we had planned follow through.  But there is a reason for everything and we need not let Satan get us down.  I have been reading my patriarchal blessing ( What is a Patriarchal Blessing) a lot lately and realized that there is a part that talks about Satan.  That He will strive to bring discouragement, depression, and disillusionment into my life.  Recently, I have been hit by all three of these this transfer.  I have never prayed so much in my life though to get over these feelings.  It has been crazy how hard Satan has been working lately on me but with the help of my Mission President and great Ward members, and lots of prayers from family and friends, life is good.  My mom had told me in her last letter that she had awakened in the very early hours of the morning (3:00 am) for the past week and felt that she should pray for me.  It is funny how she was prompted because seven hours away at that exact time, I was kneeling pouring out my soul to my Heavenly Father.  I am grateful that she listened to the promptings of the Spirit and know that her prayers along with mine helped me throughout those rough days.  I love you mom.

We had a really good lesson with Graham and Maxine this past week. We taught them about Prophets on Tuesday and how we have the opportunity to listen to our living Prophet this past weekend.  It was a really good lesson. The crazy thing was that Maxine started to say something then all of the sudden she said, "I know Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God".  The look on my face must have just been a Kodak moment!  Graham looked at her and asked how?  She basically said "I have done the things that the Elders asked me to do".   But we also found out what is holding Graham back about the Gospel and it is that we preach different than the other religions that use the bible.  Unfortunately we didn't have time to answer his question on Tuesday so we will get to it on Friday or next week.

Friday we had another lesson with them and Tash was able to attend.  We took our Ward Mission Leader's wife with us to help with Graham and Maxine's children.  It was crazy how different the lesson was because she was there helping out.  The best thing that happened is that one of Graham and Maxine's kids that sits in on the lessons said the closing prayer.  It was amazing the words that were spoken.  Right from the heart.

Saturday and Sunday was General Conference.  I loved Conference so much!  It was a spiritual one but also fun. We had the whole Zone at the Stake Center so it was nice to just "hang" out with some of my friends.  The two things that have stood out to me are from President Uchtdorf talk Grateful in Any Circumstances.  He said "Gratitude is the catalyst for all Christ-like attributes".  How true is that!  Christ was grateful in all situations he was in.  Never once complained or said something mean.  The second one was "we will have all eternity to think about this life".  That struck me because I have been thinking about my time in school before my Mission.  The regrets that I should have applied myself more and what not.  It would be hard to sit there for eternity thinking "I should of done that different".  I am so happy that I had the chance to sit down at the Prophet's feet and listen to his council.  I can't wait to study the words which where said when we get them in print through the Ensign and Liahona magazines.  I know the words that were spoken to be true.  Let us all press on in hastening His work.

Be happy, serve with a happy heart and love everyone!

Elder Nielsen

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