Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Companion and Blessing of Serving with Former Companions

Hey all,

Well, Maxine and Graham have not been able to make it to Church yet.  Graham had to work and his boss wanted a weeks notice for days off.  So he has scheduled next week off for sure! 

As you heard last week, Elder Bass went home and I have a new companion.  His name is Elder Thurgood and is from Nampa, Idaho and has been out for about six months, so still pretty young in the Mission. We get along alright so far. 

Some great news is that the older couple that walked into Church about a month ago are getting baptized this coming Saturday!  Wow, when we are prepared as well as the investigators, things move quickly.  So that is exciting!

It has been a pretty busy week with transfers and getting everything sorted.  Monday Elder Bass and I went and had lunch with the young single adults from the Ward down in Walsall which was really fun to be around some people around our age. Then the rest of Monday was spent getting Elder Bass packed up and hanging with Elder Bass as he said goodbye to members.  It was a long day.

Then Tuesday I had to run with Elder Bass to the Mission home and pick up a temporary companion for the night.  My temporary companion and I came back and taught a lesson. Then Wednesday was the big day.  I went back to Birmingham to the Mission home and met up with Elder Thurgood.  It was hard to see Elder Bass go home, but it is all good.  It got me thinking about all the Elders that I have served with since I have been in England and three out of the six companions I have had went home last week.  So I am down to just two still in the Mission which means that I am becoming one of the older Missionaries if you call 20 old! Ha Ha.  It has been hard to see them go home but I have learned so much from them that I will use the rest of my life.

So this week we taught Graham and Maxine.  We taught them the Ten Commandments.  The on to teaching about the Word of Wisdom Doctrine & Covenants on Friday.  It was a scary lesson.  It is the lesson that can either make or break an investigator.  But the lesson went really well and Elder Thurgood and I were happy.  We have been taking members with us to teach and sometimes taking a member is a little scary but it is also good to take someone that had been through the same things as the investigator and how he/she gave up these temptations.  It was really good!   It has been a challenging week but one full of good things. We introduced the new Mission Plan to the members in our Ward and it went over really well.  Hopefully with us all on the same page, it will all work out.  I know the Mission Plan will work but it is going to be a lot of work for the members. 

I love these crazy, fast weeks with lots of ups and downs.  It keeps me on my toes preparing and studying about the Gospel that I love.  I testify of Jesus Christ and know that He loves me!  I love my family for the love and support that they give to me.  Have a fantastic week!

Love,  Elder Nielsen

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