Wednesday, January 1, 2014


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

I hope you all have had a great holiday season.  It was a crazy week the week of Christmas so a blog post did not get done.  Elder Doty and I have been busy teaching and getting ready for the many travels of the Christmas week and of course setting up Skype times at members homes with our families on Christmas Day.  I guess the biggest news and miracle would be that on Sunday, December 22, 2013 I was hit by a car coming home from Church.  My companion and I were in a round about when a woman going about 15 to 20 T-boned me.  I flew onto the hood of her car and into the windshield and then onto the ground.  All I can remember is thinking "this is going to hurt".  The Lord has watched over me and after laying on the ground testing all my bones and joints, I got up and started to walk.  The Paramedics came as well as the Police and put me in the back of the Ambulance and did an extensive exam.  The Paramedics could not believe that there was not one broken bone or cut other than my rain jacket is torn up, on my whole body.  The Miracle is that I walked away with no visible injuries other than a torn coat and a very damaged bicycle and of course my pride has been hurt.  Since the accident was the fault of the driver, I was given the option of sending the woman to jail or just get what I can for a new bicycle, helmet and jacket.  Apparently, in England if you are a foreigner, this gal is from Poland, you can have your drivers license taken away for any accident and you can also be deported.  The Mission President and I have decided that it seemed pretty harsh to send her to jail and we are working out the legal issues of getting my bike and other stuff replaced by her insurance company.  The first few days afterward my body was pretty sore but I  have no brusing to date.

The other great news is that I got to Skype with my family on Christmas!  It was great to visit with them for a while.  I am sure that my mom was glad to see that there really were not any broken bones, etc.  My Companion and I went to midnight Mass on Christmas Eve night which was a great experience and then Christmas Day was spent with some members in our Ward.  They fed us and made us feel welcome.  We just had fun at members houses all week pretty much with some meeting thrown in there.  Another great thing we did was service for some members in our Area.  Of course it has been raining and so we were soaked by the time we were finished.

But in England they have Christmas Crackers.  Which you and another person pull and whoever has the bigger half gets the prize in the middle.  They are pretty fun.  They have like dollar store prizes so nothing really worth keeping.  The one problem is that as soon as you pull it and win you have to wear the paper crown that comes with it.  You look pretty ridiculous that's for sure. 

Christmas in England was fun and a memorable one.  It was really cool to focus on the Savior more and not all the "tradition" that comes with Christmas.  The cool thing that we have talked about was new years goals.  And how it is great to have a goal but it is just a wish if we do not plan to do anything about it.  In Sacrament Meeting someone spoke on the goals.  He Google new year goals and the first one was lose weight.  He then said that by the end of January most people stop or quit their goal.  If we don't plan we don't finish. 

One thing that I have learned on my Mission is how to set goals and make plans to achieve goals.  As Steinbeck quoted, "The best laid schemes of mice and men/Often go awry".  If we don't plan and prepare and follow through we will not make it to our end goal of Eternal Life.

I hope that you all have goals in mind for this new year and to know our Savior Jesus Christ is part of that goal.

Happy New Year,

Love Elder Nielsen

It has been raining so much here in Worcester that the rivers have overflowed.  Below is a path that we normally take to Church.  Also below is a picture of my poor bicycle.  Enjoy

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