Monday, January 12, 2015

Tender Mercy

This week has been a doosey. We have had wind and rain just wreck some of our area in Derby. We have had 60 mph winds for a couple of days. So fences are down and some trees. But the sun is supposed to come out soon and cleanup will begin. 

Tender Mercy for this week is we got a new investigator who we taught on Saturday, January 10 2015 and then to our surprise she came to Church on Sunday.  She has accepted the challenge to be baptized on the 7th of February IF she finds out the Gospel of Jesus Christ is true.  That is a big miracle.

I think my  favourite person for the week is the Ward Mission Leader and his family.  They invited us over for dinner and we had a really good time.  He is a young guy so it is really fun to talk with people closer to my age.  We have four Elders and two Sister Missionaries in our Ward here in Derby so the Ward members get plenty of opportunities to have a set of Missionaries in their home often.

I have been talking about the Atonement with my dad and companion and just as I think I have a handle on the Atonement, I learn something new that makes me restart and reset my thinking of it.  It is really nice how we can gain more knowledge if we put in the work of studying, praying and searching.

I don't really have much time this week. We are going as a District to see Wayne Manor from the movie Batman. The Manor is twenty minutes from us. So we are going to spend the wrest of the day there.  I will post pictures.

Have a great week.  Thanks for all your love and support, the Gospel is true!

Love Elder Nielsen,

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