Monday, January 26, 2015

How do you live the Commandments?

Hello from England,

This week has been a crazy one. It snowed one day, then rained, then got really hot, then froze, and then fog. The weather just cant make up its mind. Other than that it has been a normal week with lessons and finding.  Other than that, not much exciting has really happened this week just that it is transfers. I don't think that I will be leaving Derby so that is good. 

Tender mercy for the week is not getting sick.  Elder Jones has been sick for two almost three weeks. This illness has gone around the whole Zone and I am the only one that it didn't hit that bad.

Favorite thing for the week was playing basketball with some of the Ward members.  It was a very interesting game. I t turned into prison rules kind of with lots of hard fouls but we had lots of fun at the same time.

I was reading this week in  Alma 5 from the Book of Mormon and learned lots from it.  Alma asks questions pretty much the whole chapter.  Questions that have made me think hard about my conversion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how I live the commandments.  As I was reading I conducted a personal interview and thought about all the questions that Alma asks.  It was a very spiritual experience as it led me to make some changes in my life but also in the lives of members here in Derby, England as I shared what I had learned for the spiritual thought at dinner appointments.  I am so glad to have the Book of Mormon and to learn from our ancestors of old how I can become a better person.

The investigators are doing good. One of our investigators that we are teaching will be baptized but not on the 7th of February.  I think it will be the 21st of February if it happens, pray for her heart to be softened and that the Spirit will bear witness to her that this Gospel is true.  We also have two more people who are set to be baptized on the 21/2/15 so we will see if they make the baptism dates and have the courage and faith to push through all the trials that are going to come.  We had lots of lessons this week for England so the week just flew by!

I challenge you to read Alma 5 and conduct your own person interview about the things that Alma has taught.

This Gospel is true!!!  Have a great week.

Love, Elder Nielsen

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