Monday, September 8, 2014

Daily Events

Hey Family and Friends,

A few people have asked me about my daily routine here in England, below is a summary of the days events and such.

For breakfast it is usually eggs or oatmeal.  I have stopped the green smoothies because I have been drinking them for the last ten weeks and I am pretty tired of them.  I really don't have a favorite breakfast food. I just eat what I can get that is within my budget.

We leave the flat at 10 am and our main areas that we tract are the main streets and town center.  We are not allowed to preach in the shops, so we just walk around the town center and outlying areas.  We head to lunch at half twelve or one and we have an hour.  I don't know what I eat for lunch, I just eat!  I don't share any of my groceries with my companion.  I did with my trainer and I hated it.  We didn't really have the same food taste.  I hardly ever get snacks or drinks when we are out and about. On very hot days I do because I get really thirsty, but we have not had to many of those as you may recall from last posts.  We don't have Sisters in our District.  And Solihull has not had a baptism for a long time.  Many of the Missionaries that have been here have gotten close but I think it has been about two years from the last baptism.  As a District Leader I just watch over Elders, help most and babysit the others.  I train the Elders in my Area once a week and then work with each Elder once a transfer.  So that is my day in a brief paragraph.

So here we are another week down and boy did it fly by.  This week we had Zone Conference on Saturday.  I have never had a Zone Conference meeting on a Saturday, but it was good.  It is hard to have it on Saturday because that can be the day you get the most done with finding people and teaching.  It was good though to get training from the Mission President on how we can become better.  I learned some good things that should help me out.

This week we have been trying to catch up with all the members who have been on holiday for the summer.  It was cool to see the Chapel almost full again.  We had about 80 people there on Sunday! That is the most that has been in attendance since I have been here in Solihull.  I think the coolest part of Sunday was members coming up to us and sharing their Missionary experiences they had over the summer.  We have also been getting back into contact with the people that were being taught before the summer started and trying to get in with them. We should be getting back to teaching more regularly in a week or so. We have been in contact with a family that was being taught when I came to Solihull who moved to Leeds and they are willing to be taught again.  So things are starting to look up.  I love the Fall when everyone gets back into a routine.

One thing that I have started to notice is that when we are in a rush to get places that is when things happen. We had a girl ask us, just as we were getting on the bus to go to dinner, if she could have a copy of the Book of Mormon.  It was crazy fast.  Hopefully she reads it but it was so quick that we did not have the chance to talk to her about it at all.  Because of that we are trying to be a little more on time to things so that we are not so rushed and so we can have the opportunity to visit with those that have that golden question.

 Have a good week I will recap what I learned at Zone Conference next week after I have a chance to reread what I wrote.

Love, Elder Nielsen

Elder Nielsen and Antony from Cannock about 6 months ago

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