Monday, February 16, 2015


Another part of my life will be starting 8 weeks from now.  I am nervous and anxious to finish my mission and move forward.  To be truthful, I am having a bit of anxiety over what my next move in life will be.  I am sure that most if not all missionaries go through these emotions, but it will all work out.

The biggest challenge this week has been that we have no investigators really. They have either dropped us or never return calls and texts.  So it has been a rough week. We have gotten quite a few comments from one investigator who has been trying to convince us that the Book of Mormon is written by the devil and that we should get out of this Church and into hers.  It has been interesting the read her texts that she sends.  Some peoples hearts are just so hard. It has been challenging lately to find new people to teach.  Just talking to people and then having them being rude back takes all desire out of me.  So it kind of finishes me for finding the rest of the day. Elder J and I have come up with a new approach using the family tree chart and we will see if it works. We used it a little bit yesterday and had some good luck with it.  The hardest days have just been the empty ones.  The days that are filled with ten hours of street contacting. The best days are the ones when you run from teaching appointment to another one. 

Tender Mercy for the week was probably the support from the Ward Mission Leader.  He saw that Elder J. and I are having a hard time and took us to dinner and kept encouraging us to keep up the good work.

Another tender mercy for the week is that at least the weather has been good. The sun has been out and it didn't rain at all.  But we woke up this morning and it was raining.  It is the never ending cycle of England.  A week of rain and a week without.  Thought I would be used to this by now.

To be honest nothing really that interesting happened this week. It was a boring week for us. Just the same old things. Lots of finding and not a lot of teaching. It is nice though because it helps me reflect on the good weeks and learn to enjoy them more when they come.

Thanks for all you prayers and support.

Love, Elder Nielsen

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